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Phast Phiction Phriday: Meta

 For those of you just tuning in: Phast Phiction Phriday is a series of stunts I’ve been pulling at the week’s end to do something useful with my LiveJournal, since I almost never update the damn thing and when I do it’s just more ceaseless bitching.  Following an avalanche of reader response – all one of him – I’m serializing a novel for the internet over here, like the aborted Listener project Warren Ellis was working on at mistersleepless .


     Since I’m still not sure what the novel’s about, the serialization hasn’t properly started yet.  What you’ll be getting for a few more weeks are little snippets taken randomly out of a larger work, and hopefully they’ll give a feel for the sort of writing it is/will be.  For now, I’m trying to get my fiction chops back and flesh out the characters and plot in my dwindling spare time.

     It’s set in a darkly comic near-future, like a number of Warren Ellis’ works.  This seems fitting, since his work inspired it.  Secondarily, it will also owe a heavy debt to Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash.  Hopefully this will explain why there are people shagging statues and eating particleboard.  If people don’t buy the Sci-Fi angle, I’ll just say it’s “Expressionist,” or “Magical Realism.”  I am fully prepared to deny everything under oath.  Novel?  What novel? 

It just occurred to me: this may actually be a cry for help.  It all depends on how amused you are.

The title of the work in progress is “The Day I Tried To Live.”  I use this as a working title for anything I do, because I’m old and I remember Soundgarden with teary nostalgia for the youth I pissed away.  Plus, it sounds cooler than “Untitled Work-In-Progress Number 11”

Why I’m doing this: it looks like it might be fun.  And by putting it out in public I hope I can force myself to complete things and not abandon them.  The other reason for putting things out in public is to get instant feedback on them, which is invaluable for a learner like me.

Which brings us to the bargain: if you like it, mention what worked for you; if you don’t like something, tell me what I can do to improve, or at least identify what you didn’t like about things.  And if you laughed or got interested or whatever, link to it, tell people about it, IM someone who might enjoy reading it.  I want people to read this; otherwise I wouldn’t have put it out here in the first place.  The goal for this week is three unique commentors.


     Links to the first two bits:




I have to go for now, because I’m doing this on the sly at my day job and there’s a ton of faxing left to do.  But I promise I’ll post 0.3 before midnight local time.  I’m committed to amusing you people.


See you in a few hours.


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